the Best Badminton Jersey Maker in Jakarta

Playing sports can be a great way to lose your weight and maintain your body fitness. With the tendency of sedentary lifestyle, increasing physical activity by doing sports become very crucial in maintaining out health. You can choose any sports you like to start your healthy lifestyle, such as badminton, soccer, volleyball, and many more. Each sport has their own characteristics, so you can choose it based on your interests and needs.

Badminton, one of the most popular sport in Indonesia, can be considered the best choice to start your healthy lifestyle. This sport is very easy to do, even for amateur. You just need a racket, a shuttle cock, a good pair of shoes, and chic badminton clothing to start playing the sport. It can be played everywhere too. You can start it at the backyard of your home or went to a sport hall to play this sport. For those who want to have their own fashionable jersey to play badminton, you can create your own design in one of the most recommended badminton jersey maker in West Jakarta called This company offers various options of materials for its jersey, such as microfiber and hivetex. Each of the cloth has their own perks. You can read these perks on the following list below:

  • Hivetex: better known as polyester, this cloth has a doff color with slightly more thickness, not transparent, follow your body line, soft and octagonal porous texture, and high absorption ability, allowing the material to absorb your sweats effectively.
  • Microfiber: this materials is a mix of spandex, nylon, and polyester. It has porous and soft texture, same thickness as hivetex, a doff color, follow your body lone, and not transparent. The porous texture offers a cool sensation when you wear it, make it suitable for sweaty and heavy sports like badminton.

If you decide to order in, you can use your own design in all area of your badminton tee. There is no minimum order in this company, from only one shirt, to numerous shirts for team jersey. This company provides a lot of products to help you make your choice. So, to make an order, you can first choose the product you want. Next, upload your design, whether it is your own design or the design created using the simulator provided by the company. After that, confirm your choice, pay accordingly, and wait for your order to be delivered.